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Python is, currently, the most popular and the most commercially used programming language. Python is a general-purpose programming language. It supports various programming paradigms, such as object-oriented, functional, imperative, or procedural programming.

Python has been the choice of many students and working professional programmers. Python is important as a language for learning and creating programs is ever-growing.

This set of tutorials focuses on Python basics, Python Functions, Python Datatypes, Python Lists, Python Tuples, Python Database, Python Class, and Objects, etc.


COBOL abbreviation stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. COBOL is power, robust and easy to learn English-like programming language. COBOL was very popular between 60 – 90 and almost every industry was using COBOL to run their business.

COBOL is a powerful, robust and platform-independent programming language. COBOL is around for the last 60 years and still powering 70% of the business transaction. Almost, 220 billion lines of COBOL code are still in use and are growing at a steady rate.

COBOL is still the most reliable and preferred language for banking, insurance, travel, auto industry, govt agency.

Why COBOL has been so popular
Why COBOL has been so popular


JCL stands for Job Control Language. A JCL provides all required information such as program, I/O file name to z/OS operating system. JCL is a complex language because it consists of various complex parameters. You need to remember these parameters.

JCL generally includes various steps at max you can have 255 steps in a single JCL. Each step in JCL specifies key information such as job card, program name, file name, printer details, etc.

IBM z/OS system used this information and execute the program and process required data or update data in the database.

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Job Control Language
Function in Python
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Master Python Function and Argument Types | Lambda expression – 10 mins read

Python function is very important from programmers prespective. Declaration and calling of python function is quite easy. def keyword is used to start function definition .It is followed by function name an parameters within small braces.For small function that contain only one expression, lambda expression can be used in place of standard function. Lambda expression are tricky ones but saves a lot of time if you master them. Let’s get started with “Function in Python and types of function arguments”.

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