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TOGAF Exam question are carefully design for TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam. The TOGAF Exam question covers different topics such as TOGAF ADM Phases or TOGAF Wheel. Let's get started with Introduction to TOGAF Certification, followed by TOGAF Certification Cost. Finally, you have the top 10 TOGAF exam question and answer.

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Introduction to TOGAF Certification.

The Open Group is a consortium neutral to vendor and technology and intent on creating open standards and global interoperability to enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises.

One of the certification programs, The Open Group Architecture Forum (TOGAF), provides an opportunity for service providers and tool vendors to demonstrate their products and services able to support the enterprise.

TOGAF is an industry-standard architecture framework to develop information systems architecture within the enterprise using the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).

TOGAF Architecture Development Cycle

TOGAF Architecture Development Cycle.

The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) provides a tested and repeatable process for developing architectures.

TOGAF Certification Exam.

TOGAF 9 Certification has two different exam level. The first level is the TOGAF 9 Foundation (TOGAF Part 1). The second level is the TOGAF 9 Certified (i.e. TOGAF Part 2). You can take the TOGAF 9 Certification exam individually or combined. 

  • TOGAF Part 1 Exam: You have 40 questions with a time limit of 1 hour.
  • TOGAF Part 2 Exam: You have 8 questions with a time limit of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Note: TOGAF 9 combined exam: You have 48 questions with a time limit, of 2 hours 30 minutes.

TOGAF certification cost around 360$ each. However, the cost of the TOGAF 9 combined exam is 550$.

TOGAF Certificate Cost, togaf sample exam
TOGAF Certificate Cost

TOGAF Exam Questions.

Free TOGAF exam questions are carefully designed to help participates to clear the TOGAF foundation or TOGAF Part I Exam. Each TOGAF practice question has a details explanation of the correct answer. Let’s get started with the TOGAF exam question and answer.

Which of the following characteristics is not a distinction of good architecture principle?

Meaningful. A good set of principles are distinguishable by the criteria of being understandable, robust, complete, and stable.

Which architecture Governance Process is used when a Compliance Assessment is rejected to ensure service and operational levels in the environment are met?

Dispensation. In TOGAF, disposition provides a period where service and operations levels can be met after a compliance assessment has been rejected.

The ability of a standard to be applied to any company equality is a function of what criteria for inclusion to the SIB?

Non-discriminatory Implementations. According to TOGAF, non-discriminatory implementation speaks to the ability of implement a specific specification to any company within any prejudice.

Enterprise Architecture is the most relevant to the IT customer for what reason?

Enterprise Architecture provides the technology standard for implementing the architecture in the environment. The relevancy to an IT customer is derived when it applies to the specific enterprise of the customer. Though the customer may require compliance with industry or technology standards, it is how the architecture will meet those requirements concerns.

Several departments within the enterprise have come together to discuss the architecture needs of the organization. Which TOGAF elements will have the greatest impact on the discussion by providing a consistent and common language?

Enterprise Continuum. The Enterprise Framework is consider an aid to communication and understanding the possible architectures within an enterprise, by providing a snapshot of all architecture assets.

Running the entire architecture through the architecture development cycle is a form of what type of change?

RE-architecture change. In TOGAF, When the entire architecture is put through a change.

Which phase of the ADM is used to define the logical groups of capabilities that manage data objects as necessary to support the business?

Phase C – Information System Architecture. Applications are defined as logical groups of capabilities in TOGAF. In Phase C, develop the Baseline and Target Architecture and
analyze gaps.

Business Model is used to represent how an organization work and can take on several forms. Which type of business model describe the static information used within an organization as well as how that information affects the operations of the business?

Class Models. In TOGAF, Class Models are similar to logical data models, focusing on business information and its characteristics with in EA.

What are the four dimensions for defining the scope of architecture activity?

Enterprise, Architecture, Vertical, and Time. Scope of architecture activity is generally defined by the extend, or focus, of the enterprise endeavored, the specific architecture domains concentrated on, the level of details allowed in the vertical scope.

What architecture does TOGAF handle?

Business, Data, Application and Technology (i.e. BDAT). TOGAF basically focus and handle Business, Data, Application and Technology.

TOGAF Exam Questions.


Finally, in today’s TOGAF tutorial. You learn what is Togaf stands for and why is the cost of the TOGAF exam? You have also gone through TOGAF exam questions that would help you in preparing for the TOGAF 9 Foundation Certification (TOGAF Part 1 Exam). The TOGAF exam questions cover different topics of the TOGAF framework such as the TOGAF ADM Phases or the TOGAF Wheel [Top 20 Questions.].