How to reset BT wifi booster

OMG! How to reset BT WIFI Extender, Easy 5 steps GUIDE!

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Welcome to our quick guide on How to reset BT WIFI Extender. You'll learn why wifi extender are used and what is the difference between wifi booster, wifi extender and wifi repeater. To restore your wifi extender to default factory setting, you need to follow five easy and simple steps for free.

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Hello, and welcome to our new guide on “How to reset BT WiFi Extender”. January 2020 statistics show, approximately 59% (i.e. 4.53 billion) of the world population are active internet users and this number is multiplying exponentially.

To access the internet service on your laptop all you need is a broadband connection and WIFI routers. But in certain customer used WIFI booster to extend their router signal to eradicate no-internet zone in there home.

Today’s how to rest BT wifi extender is a simple guide to fix the problem with wifi booster.

How to reset BT wi fi extender
How to reset BT wi fi extender


Imagine you’re watching your favorite movie or playing an online game, or chatting with your friends and the next moment suddenly everything stops due to weak WiFi signal or WiFi dead zone in the home. Each and every other room in the house gets a full sign, however, due to some reasons, the WiFi signals simply wouldn’t reach in another room. In such a situation, a WiFi extender (i.e WiFi Booster) can be used to extend your router signal range.

What is WiFi Extender?

In Laymen terms, a Wi-Fi range extender, Wi-Fi extender or WiFi booster is a small electronic device that is used to boost wi-fi signals in homes and offices. Wi-FI booster actually bridges the signal gap between the router and wireless devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tv, etc. The working principle of the Wi-Fi range extender is pretty simple, the Wi-Fi booster actually catches the Wi-Fi signal and rebroadcasts them to the dead zone in home and office.

The term Wi-Fi Extender, Wi-Fi Booster were used interchangeably and these gadgets are fairly cheap, readily available in the market and can be setup easily.

How to reset BT wifi extender
How to reset BT wifi extender

What are different categories of WIFI Boosters?

WiFi extenders are an incredible solution to dead or weak wi-fi signal spots in-home or office. They are simple to use and easy to set-up. Wi-Fi extenders are available in two variants i.e. Desktop and plug-in. The desktop version of the Wi-Fi range extender is like the router. It often used in offices to boost signals at higher rates. But the plug-in version of wi-fi extender is simple plug and play device that can be plugged directly.

How to reset BT range extender
How to reset BT range extender

Is there any difference between WiFi Booster, Repeater or Extender?

Well, people normally get confused between these technical jargon’s. However, all three terms (i.e. Wifi Booster, Wifi Repeater and Wifi Extender) are used interchangeably, these devices are ultimately used to strengthen the range of wifi signals in your home or office dead zones.

Technically speaking there is a difference between wifi booster/wifi repeater and wifi extender in terms of their operations and usage.

WIFI Booster / WIFI Repeater are normally use to extend the range of wi-fi signals in office, shops or home. In-fact you can use wi-fi repeater to connect various device such as computer, laptop, mobile, IOT devices etc. even if they are not in range of actual wi-fi network. Wi-fi repeater are universal compatible devices that work with any service provider router. Also, they are secure, reliable and easy to set-up. WI-fi repeaters are excellet choice for home usage i.e. watching HD movies, playing online games etc.

WIFI Extender are special kind of devices that are also used to extend existing wi-fi signal. These devices receive and re-transmit wifi signal at a different range channels which is different from one which is used by wifi router. These devices normally use specific Wi-Fi technology i.e. N300 dual-band and compatable with allmost all service providers. These devices are also equipped with latest secutiry feature and they are easy to setup. WI-fi extender are best for home usage i.e. downloading music, watching HD movies etc. or for playing online games.

Example of wi-fi extenders & wifi booster/repeater.

    • Wi-Fi Extender N300.
    • BT Wi-Fi 300 Extender Kit (Booster).
    • BT Wi-Fi Extender 610 with 11ac 600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi.
    • BT Wi-Fi Extender 1200 with 11ac 1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi.
    • BT Broadband Extender 600 Kit with wired AV600 Powerline.
    • BT Broadband Extender Flex 1000 Kit with wired AV1000 Powerline and pass-through socket.

BT Wi-Fi Extender/Booster Light Status.

BT Wifi Booster Light Status
BT Wifi Booster Light Status
    • Flashing Red Slowly: When wifi extender light is flashing slowly for 10 sec or more. It means wifi extender is not yet configured with wifi router.
    • Flashing Red Quickly: When wifi extender light is flashing quickly. it means wifi extender is configuring and once light stop flashing your wifi extender is ready to use.
    • Red: When light is solid red. It means wifi extender is too far from the wifi router.
    • Green: When light is solid green. It means wifi extender is ready to used and signal strength is also pretty good.
    • Amber: When light is solid amber. It means wifi extender is too closed to the wif router. You need to place wifi extender at an optimum distance. However, your wifi extender will work.
    • Amber Flashing: When light is flashing amber. It means wifi extender is trying to authenticate the connection with wifi router/BT hub.

Basic tools required to reset your bt WIFI extender?

In order to reset the wifi extender to default factory setting all you need is a few simple DIY tools, these tools are readily available in your home. You don’t need to purchase any additional tool. But, you need to be extra cautious while following these steps. List of required tools is listed below:

    • Sharp pencil or pointed pin to insert into the tiny hole of wifi extender to reset it to default factory settings.
    • Insulating Gloves to protect your self against any electric shock.
Tools required to reset bt wifi extender
Tools required to reset bt wifi extender

Simple steps to reset BT WIFI extender to default factory settings.

There are two possible scenarios when you’re required to reset your wifi booster/extender.

    • Scenario 1 # You want to reconfigure your wifi extender because you have changed your service provider.
    • Scenario 2 # You change your home and you want to reposition your wifi extender as per wifi router location at the home. Or your wifi extender is not working properly due to some software updates.

In both situations, you simply have to follow two steps to get your wifi extender to default factory setting:

    • Step 1 # Prepare your self, i.e. wear insulated gloves and shockproof sleepers/shoes.
    • Step 2 # Ensure that your bt wifi extender is connected to the power supply and is switched on.
    • Step 3 # Locate the reset hole or button your wifi extender. The reset button or hole would be either at the bottom or on the top of BT wifi extender. It would depend on wifi extender models.
    • Step 4 # Insert the pin or pencil in the reset hole and press the button i.e. press button for 10 seconds continuously.
    • Step 5 # You will notice that when you continue to press the button for 10 seconds, the wifi extender light start flashing.

Thus, your bt wifi extender/ wifi booster or wifi repeater is restored to factory default settings. Now, you need to re-connect your wifi extender to your wifi router via WPS method or Non WPS method.

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The BT WIFI Extender or WIFI Booster or WIFI Repeater is used to boost your wifi signal in your home or office. These devices are quite cheap and they are very effective in eradicating dead wifi zone in your home. WIFI extender is compatible with all service provider they are easy to configure. Today’s blog post was to provide an overview of wifi extender and showcase how can you reset wifi extender to default factory setting by following 5 simple and easy steps.

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